PHY307/607 - Fall 2006

Science and Computers

Introduction to computational physics

Professor: Simon Catterall, 309 Physics Building, 443-5978,
VPython Lab development: Rob Salgado, 349 Physics Building, [chat only: syrphysics on AIM, Yahoo, and MSN Messengers ]
Class times: 11:00am-12:20 pm
Tuesdays: Physics 106 Thursdays: Link 110.
Required textbooks:

This course is aimed at science and mathematics majors who are interested in both science and computing. The goal of the course will be to show how computers can be used to learn about scientific concepts and how they can be used as a tool in solving scientific problems. Our main scientific examples will be drawn from physics and we will study them using a programming language called Python. In practice most of our work will use a extension of this language called VPython which has a simple-to -use graphical environment.


Final -- Monday Dec 11 7:15-9:15. Room 106 Physics
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