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Duncan Brown Named to Internet2 Board of Trustees

Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown

October 20, 2017

Duncan Brown, the Charles Brightman Endowed Professor of Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been named to the Internet2 Board of Trustees. His three-year term will begin Nov. 1.

A Syracuse faculty member since 2007, Brown has distinguished himself in the fields of gravitational-wave astronomy and astrophysics. As co-leader of the University’s Gravitational-Wave Astronomy Group, he works primarily at the nexus of physics, astronomy and computing. Brown’s contributions to LIGO’s Nobel Prize-winning data have helped open a new window onto physics, astronomy and cosmology, while reframing fundamental questions about the origins and evolution of the universe. Recently, his team contributed to a major discovery: witnessing the collision of two neutron stars in deep space and the resulting afterglow that signified the process of gold being created. For more details, visit SU News