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STEM Curious Properties

September 13, 2017

Editor’s Note: The following piece was prepared for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The article highlights three members of Syracuse’s Department of Physics: Mark Bowick, the Joel Dorman Steele Professor of Physics, as well as a visiting scientist and deputy director at KITP; Cristina Marchetti, the William R. Kenan Distinguished Professor of Physics and a KITP general member; and Suraj Shankar, a Ph.D. student and KITP Graduate Fellow. 

A murmuration of starlings. The phrase reads like something from literature or the title of an arthouse film. In fact, it is meant to describe the phenomenon that results when hundreds, sometimes thousands, of these birds fly in swooping, intricately coordinated patterns through the sky.

Or in more technical terms, flocking.

For more on this article, please click here

Featured Media Coverage

August 28, 2017

Duncan Brown, the Charles Brightman Professor of Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences, was quoted in a Quanta Magazine story titled “For Astronomers, Neutron Star Merger Could Eclipse Eclipse.”

Syracuse Revels in Mega-Science Experiment to Study Neutrinos

Image courtesy of GiroScience/Shutterstock Inc.

Image courtesy of GiroScience/Shutterstock Inc.

July 24, 2017

Physicists in the College of Arts and Sciences are helping usher in a new era of research.

On Friday, July 21, two members of the Department of Physics—Associate Professor Mitchell Soderberg and Assistant Professor Denver Whittington—joined dignitaries, as well as other scientists and engineers from around the world, for a special groundbreaking ceremony at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in Lead, South Dakota.

Both professors are part of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). The project will occupy the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF), whose construction is officially underway at SURF. When complete, LBNF/DUNE will be the nation’s largest experiment devoted to the study of neutrino properties. For more information on this groundbraking story, visit the A&S News page

Jordan Barrett, Astronaut Scholar

Jordan Barrett

Jordan Barrett

June 26, 2017

An undergraduate in the College of Arts and Sciences is now one of only 17 Syracuse University students who can call themselves an Astronaut Scholar.

Jordan Barrett 18, a rising senior studying physics and mathematics, has just been named a 2017-2018 recipient of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation’s (ASF) award.

Syracuse Alumnus Instrumental in LIGO’s Third Detection of Gravitational Waves

Alex Nitz

Alex Nitz

June 6, 2017

An alumnus of the College of Arts and Sciences has been instrumental in the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)’s third detection of gravitational waves, demonstrating that a new window onto astronomy is fully open.

Alex Nitz G’15, who earned a Ph.D. in physics, helped detect the signal on Jan. 4, 2017, using a software package he began developing at Syracuse. As was the case with LIGO’s first two detections, the wave in question came from the merger of two black holes, resulting in the formation of a single larger black hole.

Nitz is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover, Germany. From 2010-15, he was a member of Syracuse’s Gravitational-Wave Research Group, part of the worldwide LIGO Scientific Collaboration. Read more at SU News

Physics Student Named Kavli Graduate Fellow

Suraj Shankar

Suraj Shankar

June 5, 2017
A student in the College of Arts and Sciences is the winner of a graduate fellowship to the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Suraj Shankar is second person in Syracuse history to win prestigious fellowship. Suraj Shankar, a Ph.D. candidate in Syracuse’s Department of Physics, will use the prestigious, six-month fellowship to study theoretical soft condensed matter, starting in July. Boris Shraiman, a world-renowned theoretical physicist and permanent member of the KITP scientific staff, will be his mentor. To read more, visit A&S News

Phil Arnold 's artwork to be featured in the 'On My Own Time' exhibition at the Everson Museum

June 2, 2017

This year, the On My Own Time exhibition featured artwork from nearly 40 faculty and staff members ranging from paintings, ceramics, drawings, sculptures, photography, collage/assemblage, fiber art, glasswork, computer art, metalwork and mixed media. Members of the University community voted from April 28-May 17 for a favorite piece of art and a panel of professional artists assembled by CNY Arts served as judges for the works to be featured at the Everson Museum.

The selected artwork that will be featured in a public exhibition at the Everson Museum this fall includes our very own Phil Arnold's. To read more please visit SU News by clicking here

Jordan Barrett Named Goldwater Scholar

Jordan Barrett

Jordan Barrett

May 1, 2017
Jordan Barrett, a junior physics and mathematics major in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Maizy Ludden, a sophomore majoring in biology in the College of Arts and Sciences and geography in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Maxwell School, have been named 2017 Goldwater Scholars. For more on Jordan's recognition, please visit SU News.