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Marina Artuso

Marina Artuso Professor of Physics

Stefan Ballmer

Stefan Ballmer Associate Professor of Physics

Steven Blusk

Steven Blusk Professor of Physics

Mark Bowick

Mark Bowick Joel Dorman Steele Professor of Physics

Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown Charles Brightman Professor of Physics

Simon Catterall

Simon Catterall Professor of Physics and Department Associate Chair

Martin B. Forstner

Martin B. Forstner Assistant Professor, Physics, Biology (Courtesy) , Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (Courtesy)

Kenneth Foster

Kenneth Foster Professor of Physics

Jay Hubisz

Jay Hubisz Associate Professor of Physics

Matthew LaHaye

Matthew LaHaye Associate Professor of Physics

John "Jack" Laiho

John "Jack" Laiho Assistant Professor of Physics

M. Lisa Manning

M. Lisa Manning Associate Professor of Physics

M. Cristina Marchetti

M. Cristina Marchetti William R. Kenan Distinguished Professor of Physics

Alan Middleton

Alan Middleton Professor of Physics and Department Chair

Liviu Movileanu

Liviu Movileanu Professor of Physics

Joseph Paulsen

Joseph Paulsen Assistant Professor of Physics

Britton Plourde

Britton Plourde Professor of Physics

Carl Rosenzweig

Carl Rosenzweig Professor of Physics

Matthew Rudolph

Matthew Rudolph Assistant Professor of Physics

Peter R. Saulson

Peter R. Saulson Martin A. Pomerantz '37 Professor of Physics

Eric A. Schiff

Eric A. Schiff Professor of Physics

Jennifer Schwarz

Jennifer Schwarz Associate Professor of Physics

Tomasz Skwarnicki

Tomasz Skwarnicki Professor of Physics

Mitchell Soderberg

Mitchell Soderberg Associate Professor of Physics

Paul Souder

Paul Souder Professor of Physics

Sheldon Stone

Sheldon Stone Distinguished Professor of Physics

Gianfranco Vidali

Gianfranco Vidali Professor of Physics

G. Scott Watson

G. Scott Watson Associate Professor of Physics

Professor with Term Appointment

Walter Freeman

Walter Freeman    Assistant Professor

Research Professors

Ryan Fisher

Ryan Fisher   Research Assistant Professor. 

Richard Holmes

Richard Holmes    Research Assistant Professor, Experimental

Raymond Mountain

Raymond Mountain   Research Assistant Professor, Experimental High Energy Physics. 

J.C. Wang

J.C. Wang   Research Assistant Professor.  Experimental High Energy Physics

Affiliated Faculty

David Feiglin

David Feiglin    M.D. , Adjunct Professor - Radiology Department, Upstate Medical University

Mark Glauser

Mark Glauser    Adjunct Professor - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Andrzej Krol

Andrzej Krol    Adjunct Professor - Radiology Department, Upstate Medical University

Steven Penn

Steven Penn    Adjunct Professor - Department of Physics, Experimental Gravitational Waves, Hobart William Smith

Radhakrishna "Suresh" Sureshkumar

Radhakrishna "Suresh" Sureshkumar    Adjunct Professor - BMC Engineering, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering


Samuel Sampere

Samuel Sampere   Instructional Lab Manager


Aiyalam Balachandran

Aiyalam Balachandran Professor Emeritus, Physics

Joshua Goldberg

Joshua Goldberg    Emeritus, General Relativity

Marvin Goldberg

Marvin Goldberg   Emeritus.  High Energy Physics

Edward Lipson

Edward Lipson Emeritus, Professor of Physics

Allen Miller

Allen Miller    Emeritus, Condensed Matter Theory

Fritz Rohrlich

Fritz Rohrlich    Emeritus, Foundations of Physics

Joseph Schechter

Joseph Schechter Emeritus, Professor of Physics

Rafael Sorkin

Rafael Sorkin    Emeritus, Perimeter Institute

Kemeshwar Wali

Kemeshwar Wali    Emeritus, Theoretical Particle Physics

Marcel Wellner

Marcel Wellner    Emeritus, Biological Physics