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Department of Physics



Eric A. Schiff

Eric A. Schiff 
Professor and Physics Department Chair

Simon Catterall

Simon Catterall 
Professor of Physics and Department Associate Chair

Office Staff

Patti Ford

Patti Ford
Budget Manager, Physics

Heather Ketcham

Heather Ketcham
Operations Specialist, Physics

Yudaisy Salomón Sargentón

Yudaisy Salomón Sargentón
Administrative Assistant I, Physics

Research Group Staff

Evan Newell

Evan Newell
Research Coordinator, Physics

Michelle Lissner

Michelle Lissner
IGERT/Soft Matter Physics Program Coordinator, Physics

David Pratt

David Pratt
Experimental Machinist, High Energy Experimental Physics Group, Physics

Instructional Lab Manager

Samuel Sampere

Samuel Sampere
Instructional Lab Manager, Physics

Machine Shop

Lou Buda

Lou Buda
Laboratory Manager III, Physics

Charles Brown

Charles Brown
Senior Experimental Machinist, Physics

Phil Arnold

Phil Arnold
Experimental Machinist, Physics