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This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.

(new) Relativity

Einstein Archives Online
FJE Enterprises Home Page
Modern Physics (Wijekumar - IUP)
Fields and Spacetime (Schumacher - Kenyon)
Alexander Levichev's homepage.
Notes on Hypercomplex Numbers
The Geometry of Lattice Field Theory (Honan)
Electromagnetism and Relativity (Jamieson)
Relativity and Quanta (Brewer)
MAGIC through two MILLENNIA - Special Relativity (U. Toronto)
MAGIC throught two MILLENNIA - General Relativity (U. Toronto)
Homework Drills - Space-time (Minkowski) Diagrams (Bucknell U)
Time and Space Aspects (Limbert)
Why do magnetic forces depend on who measures them (Jamieson-Melbourne)
Relativity - Physics and Common Sense Part Company (Maloney)
Relativity and the Separation Formula (Ross)
Reflections on Relativity (Brown)
Theory Special Relativity (SLAC)
Relativity (Hunterdon Central)
The Special Theory of Relativity (Brewer)
SR1 (Doyle)
Physics 7 Relativity and Cosmology (Wudka) Person of the Century -- A Brief History of Relativity
Geometry Relativity and Gravitation (Nelson)
Reasons To Believe -- Observational Verifications of General Relativity (Ross)
General Relativity Simulation Contest (Collins)
First Contact with Relativity (Budiardja-Goshen)
General Relativity (Prosper-FSU)
General Relativity with an Introduction to Computer Algebra (Lake -Queens U.)
Einstein's Legacy- Probing Nature's Experiments (APS talks)
But What Does It All Mean - Modern Physics (Maloney)
Gravitation and Orbital Motion (Hewitt)
Ian H. Redmount's Homepage

Syracuse U
GR Web Servers (via ANU/QMW)
Hyperspace (QMW)
Joint Committee on Relativity (for space-time reference systems and metrology)
Rob's Relativity Links
Chris Hillman's Relativity Links
Hisaaki Shinkai's Links

United States

NSF Gravitational Physics
NRC Committee on Gravitational Physics
Grand Challenge Alliance Directory (via NCSA)


Austin College
Boston U. (Einstein Papers Project)
Brandeis U.
Caltech TAPIR (Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity)
Caltech (LIGO)
Caltech (Marsden)
Central Connecticut State U.
City College NY
Colgate U. (Malin)
Cornell - Particle Theory Group
Cornell - Binary Black Hole Grand Challenge
Drexel U. (Astrophysics)
Duke U. (Math)
Georgia Tech (Finkelstein)
Harvey Mudd College
Long Island U. - Southampton College
Loyola U. - New Orleans
Montana State U. - Bozeman
New Mexico State U. (Math - Zund)
New York U. (NYU)
North Carolina State U. (Mathematical Physics)
North Dakota State U.
North Dakota State U. (Math: Ungar)
Oakland U.
Oregon State
Oregon State U. (Math)
Penn State U. - Center for Graivitational Physics and Geometry
Princeton U. Pulsar/Gravity Group
Purdue U.
Purdue U. (Math: Gottlieb)
Ripon (Blau)
Saint Louis U.
Saint Louis U. (Math)


Syracuse U.
Syracuse U. / NPAC
Texas AM (Math-Phy)
Truman State U. (Math)
Truman State U.
Tufts Institute of Cosmology
U. Alabama - Birmingham (Math: Weinstein)
UC Davis (Particle Theory)
UC Riverside (Math)
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Barbara (ITP)
U. Chicago
U. Cincinnati
U. Colorado
U. Connecticut
U. Florida - IFT/Astrophysics
U. Illinois - Champaign / NCSA Relativity
U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign Relativity Group
U. Maryland-College Park
U. Miami (Math)
U. Missouri
U. Missouri (Math)
U. Mississippi
U. North Carolina-Chapel Hill
U. Oregon (Math)
U. Pittsburgh
U. San Francisco (Math)
U. South Carolina
U. South Carolina (Math: Howard)
U. Tennessee
U. Texas-Austin Center for Relativity
U. Texas-Brownsville
U. Texas-Dallas
U. Virginia
U. Utah
U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Utah State U.
Villanova U. (Jantzen)
Virginia Commonwealth U. (Gowdy)
Wake Forest U
Washington U. - St. Louis


U. Alberta - CIAR Cosmology
U. British Columbia
U. Calgary (Hobill)
U. Guelph
U. New Brunswick
U. New Brunswick (Jack Gegenberg)
U. Winnipeg
U. Waterloo (Applied Math)
U. Windsor


Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP - Mexico)
UNAM-ICN (Mexico)


U. Nacional de Cordoba
UERJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
U. Buenos Aires (Quantum Theory and Gravitation)
Instituto de Fisica (Montevideo, Uruguay)

EUROPE / United Kingdom


U. Vienna


VELA - Institut d'Astrophysique - Belgium


U. Copenhagen - TAC
Niels Bohr Institute (NBI)


ENS - Lyon
DARC (Astrophysique Relativiste Cosmologie)
DARC (Luminet)
Laboratoire de Gravitation et Cosmologie Relativistes (Paris)


AEI Potsdam
DESY - Algebraic QFT
ILCAC - The International Light Cone Advisory Committee
Mathematisches Institut der Universitaet zu Koeln
Max Planck (Jena)
U. Cologne (Theo Phy)
U. Cologne - Math-Net Guide


Aristotle U.-Greece


Department of Applied Analysis, Eotvos University


ICRA, International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics


Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University


Warsaw U.


Gravitation and Cosmology Group


_U. of the West (Timisoara, Romania)


University of Barcelona, Relativity and Cosmology Group
U de les Illes Balears -Spain
The University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)
Instituto de astrofísica de Canarias
_U. Salamanca


Stockholm U.
Umeå University


U. Bern, Switzerland - ITP
Universität Zürich

United Kingdom

Cambridge U. - DAMTP
Cambridge U. - Newton Institute
Cambridge U. - Space-Time Algebra
Robert Low's research
Dublin Institute: School of Theoretical Physics
Imperial College
Lancaster University (Theo-Phy)
Loughborough U.
Oxford U. - Mathematical Physics
Queen Mary Westfield (MacCallum)
Queen Mary Westfield (Strings)
U. Aberdeen (Applied Math)
U. Glasgow
U. Hull (Math)
U. Newcastle
U. Nottingham
U. Portsmouth
U. Southhampton
U. Wales-Cardiff
U. York

Asia / Africa / Australia

Harish-Chandra Research Institute (formerly Mehta Research Institute) (India)
Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (India)
Tsvi Piran Home Page
Kazan State U. (Russia)
National Central U. (Taiwan)
General Relativity and Gravitation in Niigata University
Racah Institute of Physics
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)
Southern African Relativity Society
U. Cape Town (Cosmology/Applied Math)
Cosmology in South Africa


AGRAN (Australian Gravitation)
Australian National U.
Monash (Applied Maths)
Sydney (Nonlinear Analysis)
U. Adelaide (Mathematical Physics)
U. Canberra - Numerical Relativity
U. New England (Math)
U. Western Australia

Keio U. (Japan)

Experimental Gravitation Projects

AIGRC (U. Western Australia)
ALLEGRO/TIGA (Lousiana State)
AURIGA gravitational wave detector
GEO600 Home Page
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
LIGO (CalTech/MIT)
MPA Gravitational Lensing (Germany)
OMEGA - Home
ROG (Rome)
GRAIL (NIKHEF - Amsterdam)
GRAVITON project (INPE/DAS - Brazil)
Stanford Relativity - Gravity Probe B
Tsubono group (U Tokyo)
UC Irvine Gravity Lab
U. Maryland
U. Virginia
VIRGO (Pisa)
Gravitational Lensing Homepage
Other relativity (INFN)

Relativity-related Journals


gr-qc Los Alamos archives
APS e-prints
MathSciNet Search
FermiVista! : Liste des sites
One-Shot Preprint Search (Trieste)
AMS Preprints by topic
EurophysNet search
FermiVista! : Recherche par mot-clef
Exact Solutions Database (UERJ)
Spacetime catalogue (GRTensor)
Virtual Elasticity Calculator
Bell & Howell Information and Learning

Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Communications in Mathematical Physics
General Relativity and Gravitation (via RealPage)
General Relativity and Gravitation
Gravitation (Russian Journal)
Physical Review D
Physical Review Letters
Internat. J. Modern Phys. D (TOC)
Journal of Geometry and Physics
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Living Reviews in Relativity
Nuclear Physics B (TOC)
Physics Letters B (TOC)
Reports on Mathematical Physics (TOC)
Gravity Research Foundation Award Winners
Recent Developments in Gravitation and Mathematical Physics
General Relativity News Archives (MacCallum-QMW)
Matters of Gravity (Pullin-PSU)
Topical Interest Group in Gravitation
Springer LINK: Communications in Mathematical Physics

Internet Relativity

(new) Internet Relativity

Steve Bryson's Physics Course Notes

sci.physics.relativity FAQ
Spacetime Physics Map

Historical Relativity

History of Gravitation
History of Special Relativity (MacTutor)
Contributions of Scientists to the Study of Black Holes
Einstein (AIP History Exhibit)
ae24.jpg (Einstein letter to Hale)
Einstein Manuscript (Sothebys)
Einstein on Relativity: listing of hypertext sources (Erk)
Collected Papers of Albert Einstein (Boston U)
Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Gravitational Physics and Relativity timeline (Brandt)
Flatland (Abbott)
Flatland, by E. A. Abbott, 1884
Fourth Dimension Writings, C. H. Hinton, 1884-1907
Relativity (Escher 1953)
Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
Science and Theology as We Approach the 3rd Millenium (Miles Hodges)
Theory of relativity of motion (Tolman)

Popular Relativity

Relativity Bookmarks

Rob's Relativity Links
Relativity on the World Wide Web (Chris Hillman)
Hisaaki Shinkai's Links
The Einstein Web Ring
Erk's Relativity Pages (Baird)
Dave's Relativity Page (Slaven)
Albert Einstein On-Line (Friedman)
Olympia Academy (Gibbs)
Paul's General Relativity Links! (Nilsson )
La Relativite (CEGEP de Jonquiere)
The Speed of Light - A Limit on Principle (Schatzer)
Relativity (Walter Holland)
Icarus Research: Wormhole Physics (Talbot)
Michel T. Talbot's Bookmarks
Spacetime Origin (Smith)
Guide to Einstein's Relativity (GM Arts)

Relativity -- Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article
NOVA: Einstein Revealed (PBS)
Stephen Hawking's Universe (PBS)
The Ultimate Einstein CD-ROM (Byron Press)
Time Travel and Einstein (Baird)
The Time Dilation (Fabian)
The Lorentz Transform (Rappard)
Black Holes (Newton's Apple)
Relativity Class (Lombardi, AOL)
Cosmology: The physical vacuum of space (Odenwald)
Physics Relativity
sci.physics.relativity FAQ
The Twin Paradox: sci.physics FAQ
Black Holes FAQ (Puglia)
Relativity and FTL Travel (Hinson)
GR tutorial (Baez)
Relativty (Throop)
Relativity Threory (Woods / Grant)
Particles, Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (Wedgbury)
NOVA Online/Einstein Revealed/Time Traveler/Game
George's Relativity Pages
Albert Einstein Lecture Hall (Western Canon University)
John A. Wheeler (Cosmic Search Vol. 1, No. 4)
The Chalkboard
Science, Physics, Relativity, Faq's and Feedback
How To Test Your Physics Teacher?
Relativity?? $20,000(US) Awards for Mathematical Proof

Visualizing Relativity

Spacetime Wrinkles (NCSA)
VRML: NCSA Relativity
Cambridge Relativity
Stephen Hawking's public homepage
Edwin F. Taylor - Home
Special Relativity (Australia National U)
Visual Relativity
The Light Cone (Rob Salgado-Syracuse)
Twin Paradox Applet - Java (Salgado)
Space-Time Physics - Java TA (Caltech)
Time machine - Java Applet (De Riso / Tramontano)
Black Holes with Java (Musgrave)
VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (Salgado)
VRML Gallery of General Relativity (Koehler)
Time Travel in Flatland (Schwatz-Caltech)
Solving Einstein's Equation in Three Dimensions (Schwartz - Caltech)
A Virtual Space-Time Travel Machine (Colonna)
Virtual Spacetime
Magnetic Field Lines in a Black Hole Plasma Disc (Gudiksen / Ostman)

Relativistic Raytracing

Light Speed!
Virtual Relativity (Weiskopf)
A Fast Relativistic Animator (Betts - Monash)
Backlight: The Relativistic Raytracer (Searle)
C-ship (Walker - Fourmilab)
Relativistic Raytracing (Howard)
Relativistic Starflight (Van Devender)
Simulation of a Black Hole by Raytracing (Benger)
Ray Tracing with Curved Light Beams (thesis)
Werner Benger - General Relativity
Werner Benger's Raytracing Projects
Relativistic Flight Simulator (Wade)
Falling into a Black Hole (A. Hamilton)
relativistic flight simulation links
LAPD work regarding a relativistic flight through a model city
Satoh Tetsu's Papers and Preprints
Raytrace - 2D Model Spacetimes
Relativistic Trips (Tuebingen)
RelViz (Diener)
Geometry Around Black Holes (Cramer)
Curvature and Light Cones (Cramer)

Elementary Relativity

Special Relativity (Alward)
The Day the Universe Went All Funny (Felder)
Space & Time (Hickey - Hartwick U)
Galileo and Einstein (Fowler - Virginia)
Relativity EText (Hawkes - Mount Allison U)
Revolutions in Physics (Egerton)
The Relatively Simple Page (Benton)
Exploring Gravity (Kovler - Curtin)
Relativity (Wegley)
Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects (Relativity)
Special Relativity (SureMath)
Example: Relativity 1 (Christian Brothers U)
How Special Relativity Works (Zavisa)
Teaching Relativity in High School (Bugel)
Short Words to Explain Relativity (Brian Raiter)
Relativity as Dessert (Conn)
Making Relativity Real (FNAL - Bugel)
LABS: Galilean Relativity (Patten)
Relativity (Gowdy - Virginia Commonweallth)
Modern Physics: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (Blanco - UC San Diego)
Everything's relative (Why Files - Wisconsin)
Special Relativity Introduction (Vanderbilt U)
Special Relativity and the Speed of Light (Daniels)
Mechanics of the Universe (Strickler)
Special Relativity Made Relatively Simple (Benton)
Dummies Guide to Special Relativity (dogschool)
Theory of Relativity (Bucsescu)
Special Relativity (yanspace)
The Relativity Channel (yanspace)
Relativity (MIchigan State)
Special Relativity (Gauthier)
ScienceNet - Physics - General & Special Relativity Questions
The Gravity Page (St. John's College)
The theory of Special Relativity (Marshall)
Einstein's Page (Galvão)
Newton Maxwell Einstein (Spix)
Robert W. Brehme's Home Page
On the Nature of Time (Brehme)
Astrophysics for a Ten-Year-Old Mind (Chabin)
How to Learn Relativity Theory Starting with Little or No Math (Randall)
Frequently Asked Questions About Special Relativity (Simonetti)
Relativity Theory (Santa Rosa Junior College)
The Skeptic's Guide to Physics (Brewer)
Relativity with LabView

Intermediate Relativity

The Light Cone (Rob Salgado-Syracuse)
Relativity Tutorial (E. Wright)
Bondi K-Calculus
RelativityBL (P3401 Mount Allison U)
General Relativity (Carroll)
UM-StL Accel-1D (Fraundorf - Missouri)
Cosmology (Strobel - Bakersfield)
Lorentz Transformations (Watson - Harvard)
Foundations of Cosmological Thought (Evans - George Mason U)
Claustrophobic Physics: relativity (Bickerstaff - Idaho)
Special Relativity (Hogg - IAS)
Relativity (Hawkes - Mount Allison)
Special Relativity (A. Hamilton)
GENERAL RELATIVITY & COSMOLOGY for Undergraduates (Norbury - Milwaukee)
Relativity Theory (Bart)
Special Relativity (Winnepeg)
The Special Theory of Relativity (Brewer)
Astrophysics (Imamura - U Oregon)
Laplace (Imamura)
Relativity Cosmology Geometry (Liebscher)
Measurement of time and spatial distance (Traunmuller)
Alice begegnet der 4. Dimension (Stefan Scheller)
A Traveler's Guide to Spacetime (Moore)
General Theory of Relativity 1997 (Lerner)
Relativity Course (Jacob, Arizona State)
Relativity (David J. Raymond)
SPAC 205: From Space and Time to Space-Time: Understanding Relativity
A Radically Modern Approach to Freshman Physics -- Volume 2
Theory of Relativity
Relativity and Cosmology (Jose Wudka - UC Riverside)
Physics and Philosophy of Space and Time (Duncan/Bradie)
Notes General Relativity (Adair)
The Fundamentals of Special Relativity (Kellogg)
Combining Relativity and Quantum Theory (Christ - Columbia)
Cosmology (Alessandrini)
Foundations (Egan)
Rules of Thumb
The Official String Theory Web Site

Advanced Relativity

Literatur zur Allgemeinen Relativitaet.

Tensors and Differential Geometry

(Yakovenko) Differential Geometry Notes
(Dunsby) An Introduction to Tensors and Relativity
(Martin) Tensor/Vector Analysis
(Shiffman -mathcad) Metric Tensors and Relativity
(Eisenhart) Differential Geometry
(Welbourne) Smooth Manifolds
(Allcock) Differential Geometry / Abstract Index Notation
(Novikov) Differential Geometry notes
(Shubin) Riemannian Geometry and General Relativity
(Baldwin) Thoughts/Research on Differential Forms
(Kiehn) Cartan's Corner
(Sweetser) Doing physics with quaternions
(Mukherjee) Lorentz Geometry
(Waner) Differential Gometry and General Relativity
(Hodges) A Brief Introduction to Twistor Theory
(Hadrovic) Twistors --- What Are They?
(Bailey) Notes on Quaternions and Vectors
(Heinbockel) Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics
(Roe) Manifolds and Differential Geometry
(Branson) Second-Order Conformal Covariants
(Dodson) Introducing Surfaces
The History of Curvature
(Hestenes) SpaceTime Calculus
Geometric Calculus R & D Home Page
Geometric Calculus in Gravity Theory
Geometric Algebra Introduction Abstract
(Schmidt) co- and contravariant components of a vector
(Bigatti) Noncommutative Geometry for Outsiders
(Brin) Introduction to Differential Topology (.ps.Z)
(BYU) Differential Forms in Electrodynamic Theory
(Jancewicz) Are there pictorial examples that distinguish covariant and contravariant vectors?

Tensor Visualization

VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (Salgado)
Visualization Research for Interpreting Complex Tensor Data
NAS: Tensor Field Visualization (Hesselink)
Visualization of Second-Order Tensor Fields (Delmarcelle)
Topology of Symmetric Second-order Tensor Fields
2.2 3D vector field display
Ph.D. Thesis - Burkhard Wuensche
Visualizing Second Order Tensor Fields with Hyperstreamlines

Lectures in Relativity (Audio/Video/Lecture Notes/Transparencies)

Audio/Video Lectures in Relativity

Penn State U. - Center for Gravitational Physics online seminars
ITP Online Conferences, Lectures and Seminars
MSRI video archive
ITP Conference on Strong Gravitational Fields
ITP Miniprogram on Geometry and Physics
ITP HartleFest
ITP Teachers Educational Forum on Black Holes: Fact and Fiction
Thorne: Black Holes: Predicted Properties and Behaviors
Thorne: Spacetime Warps and the Quantum: A Glimpse of the Future
Will: The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment
Witten: Duality, Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics
Penrose: Science and the Mind
SLAC SSI 98: Summer School Program (Gravity)
Galison: Einstein's Clocks: High Theory and Lowly Technology

(Baez) GR tutorial
(Carroll) Lecture Notes on General Relativity
(Bertschinger) MIT 8.962, Spring 1999
(Thorne) Caltech ph236
(Dunsby) An Introduction to Tensors and Relativity
(Choptuik) Relativity Theory I - maple
(Burke [.ps]) A Short Course on GR
('t Hooft [.ps]) Introduction to General Relativity
(Jacobson [.ps]) Spacetime Primer
(Hadrava) Lecture notes on general relativity
(Johnson) A First Look at Relativity and Gravitation
(Periwal) Introduction to Relativity
(Leong) General Relativity notes
(Benson) Introduction to Cosmology
(van Holten [.ps.gz]) Gravitational Waves and Black Holes
(van Holten [.ps.gz]) Gravity Geometry and Physics
(Miller-NPAC/SU) Introduction to Numerical Relativity
(Jeschke [.ps]) Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie (Einführung)
(Pinn) Vorlesung Relativitätstheorie
(Chivukula) Theory of Relativity
(Uzan) Exercises in General Relativity
Jean-Luc's General Relativity Glossary
(Bostelmann) Allgemein kovariante Systeme [.ps]
(Possel [.ps]) Hawkingstrahlung
(Geisler [.ps]) Stringtheorie
(Verlinde and Dijkgraaf) Caput Lectures on String Theory
(Egan) Foundations
(D'Inverno) Introduction to the 2+2 formalism
(Papadopoulos) Algorithms for the Gravitational Characteristic Initial Value Problem
(Bengtsson [.dvi]) Constrained Hamiltonian Systems
(Bengtsson [.dvi]) Electrodynamics
Constrained Hamiltonian Systems
Geometry of Quantum Mechanics
Anti-de Sitter Space
(Frauendiener) Conformal Infinity

Seminars in Relativity

Program on Black Hole Astrophysics
Black Holes: Theory Confronts Reality
Black Holes: Fact and Fiction
Einstein's Equation and Twistor Theory: Recent Developments (Roger Penrose, Oxford)
Program on Classical and Quantum Physics of Strong Gravitational Fields
Hartle Symposium
Minnowbrook Symposium on the Structure of Space-Time

Astrophysical/Cosmological/Black Hole Relativity

General relativity in the global positioning system
Astronomy/Relativity links (Yale)
Cosmology for Beginners (Gribbin)
Cosmology (Strobel)
Table of Contents of Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Cosmology (Albrecht)
Introduction to Cosmology (Benson)
An introduction to quantum cosmology (Wiltshire)
Jean-Pierre Luminet
Gravitational Waves (ROG)
Gravitational Lensing
Black Holes (Newton's Apple)
Black Holes Chapter 10 (Luminet)
Black Holes and Electromagnetism (Guidksen / Ostman)
Black Holes:The inside story (Droz/Israel/Morsink)
Black Holes. 1996/97 Course. M. Abramowicz
Black Hole Lecture Notes (Townshend - Cambridge)
Introductory Lectures on Black Hole Thermodynamics (Jacobson) [.ps]
Black holes: inside and out (Jacobson) [.ps]
Cosmology Review (Greene)
Lorentzian Wormholes Graphics (Visser)
Icarus Research Wormhole Physics (collection by Talbot)

Computational Relativity

Cactus Code
Numerical Relativity Exhibitions (NCSA)
BBH Alliance: Softlib (NPAC-Syracuse)
Movies: Scalar Wave (UNC)
Charactreristic Wave Equation (U Pittsburgh)
Black Hole Simulations (Hart)
Dark Matter Cosmology (UC Santa Cruz)
Black Holes/Neutron Stars (NASA/Nemiroff)
General Relativity Papers (Bell)

Symbolic Relativity

Ricci (MMA)
NP-Spinor Package (Maple)
Clifford (Maple)
TTC: Tools of Tensor Calculus
Package JSci.physics.relativity

Quantum Relativity

The ISJ - Quantum Gravity Classification
Quantum Gravity (P. Gibbs)
The Nature of Space and Time (Hawking/Penrose)
Penrose's Twistor Theory (Hodges)
Quantum Gravity Concept Map
Quantum Gravity Concept Map (Koehler)
Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity (Sokal humor)
Structural Issues in Quantum Gravity, by Chris Isham,
The Small Scale Structure of Space-Time, by Phil E.
Effective Field Theory Description of Gravity, by John F.
Lattice Quantum Gravity, by S. Catterall, 95/10
The Computationalist Wavefunction Interpretation Agenda

Philosophical Relativity

David B. Malament
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Space and Time (I. A. Kieseppä)
Conventionality of Simultaneity (Janis)
Causation, Causal Processes (Dowe)
Probabilistic Empricism: Reichenbachian Theory of Spacetime (Martel)
Theological issues in light of physics and cosmology: an introduction
Physical and Epistemological Foundations of Einstein's (Kroo)
Relativity Theory (Zac)
Mellor Philosophy Cambridge Transcendental Tense
Measurement of time and spatial distance
Surveying in spacetime
Dr. Woodward's Research Interests at Cal State Fullerton
The Ontology and Cosmology of Non-Euclidean Geometry
A Century of Time (Lucas)
Papers of Charlie Dunbar Broad
Writings of C. D. Broad
The Reality of Now (Seager)
Four Dimensionalism (Sider)
Problems of Time and Change (Oaklander)
Robert C. Koons

Mathematical Topics for Relativity

What is Topology?
Axiomatic Causal Theory of Spacetime (Guts)
Topologies on Minkowski Space-Time (Popvassilev)
Causal Structures in Linear Spaces (Krym)
Superstrings! String Theory Tutorial
Introduction to String Theory (Nikitin)
Professor Lomonaco: Knots & Electromagnetism (Transparencies)
Nonlinear Wave Equations for Relativity (van Putten)
Flat Conformal Structures and Causality in de Sitter Manifolds (Scannell)
Comparison and Rigidity Theorems in Semi-Riemannian Geomtry (Andersson)
Finite Element Analysis & General Relativity (Norm)
Relativity and gravitational theory (via FermiVista)
Dr. Herrmann's Published Papers

Rob's Relativity Links

Experimental Tests of Relativity

Experimental Tests of Relativistic Gravity (Thibault Damour, IHES, France)
The Experimental Gravity Webpage (Clifford Will)
A Tutorial on Radio Pulsars
Tests of Relativistic Gravity using Millisecond
Tests of General Relativity (Bell)
Gravitational Waves, by Kip Thorne, 95/06
Binary Neutron Star Inspiral, LIGO, and Cosmology,
Binary-Pulsar Tests of Strong-Field Gravity, by Gilles
Gravitation and the General Theory of Relativity
Black Holes and Relativity (Myers)
General Relativity Tests (Lombardi)
Michelson Morley Experiment (Lombardi)
E=mc² (AIP)

Applied Relativity

General relativity in the global positioning system (Ashby)
General Relativity (for GPS satellite applications) (Misner)
Global Positioning System (GPS) Links
Trimble - All About GPS
Global Positioning System Overview
Student Project on the Global Positioning System

Alternate Relativity

Gravity and the Tenacious Scalar Field (Brans)
Einstein and Whitehead (Tanaka)
A Call For Give And Take (Edwin F. Taylor)
AAAS Gives Dissident Group A Chance To Challenge Physics Theory (Billy Goodman)
Are you a quack? (Warren Siegel)
Refutations of Some Incorrect/Erroneous/Vacuous Claims about Cosmology and Relativity
Crank Dot Net
[Marmet] Einstein's Theory of Relativity versus Classical Mechanics
[Karlsen] The Great Puzzle
[August] Ritzian Theory - An Alternative to Relativity.
[Schmelzer] Post-Relativistic Gravity
[Lofaro] List of flaws of relativity
[de Hilster] Autodynamics
[Desiato] Quantum Gravity: The Probability Wave Dispersion Interpretation of Relativity

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