Internship & Career Resources

These folders provide information in regards to current physics student job/internship opportunities & helpful pointers for post-graduation career planning. Click on each headline below to learn more.

Recurring opportunities of interest for Physics Majors:

Governmental agencies

Search for an NSF REU

NASA internships

  Government Labs:


Argonne National Lab

Brookhaven National Lab  (link to 2017 program)

Los Alamos National Lab

Physics Organizations

APS internships

SPS internships


American Astronomical Society

Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

Horizon Program at Wharton School-Univ of Pennsylvania (more info)

Large collection of opportunities related to astronomy:

To view a list of additional undergraduate opportunities related to physics (Scholarships, REUs, Internships, etc.) shared with our department from various organizations & other universities, click here

Or, see the following page for research opportunities within the SU physics department: SU Research Opportunities

Wondering what you will do with a degree in physics? Consult with your academic advisor, and check out some of these great resources online:

Physics majors find employment within many tech-industry companies, such as:

  • Google
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Tesla/SpaceX
  • Facebook

Recent SU graduates have found employment at:

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co (Web developers, software engineers)
  • SRC (STELR program)
  • Facebook (Technology Communications)
  • the Military (Navy)
  • TAG Cyber
  • Rochester Gas & Electric
  • Galson Laboratory (laboratory analyst)
  • Gilbane Building Company (office engineer)
  • Ametek Aerospace
  • KoamTac (Engineer)
  • IBT Laws
  • IQE, Inc.
  • NYU Medical Center
  • Axoni (software engineer)
  • Future Colossal (physical design tech)
  • AdTheorent (analyst)
  • Pfizer

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