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Degree Options

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science program is an excellent preparation for many fields and careers; our program is modeled on the recommendations of the American Physical Society for students intending to pursue graduate work in physics, and is outstanding preparation for a wide range of STEM careers.

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Bachelor of Science Option in Biological and Medical Physics

This interdisciplinary program is designed for students who are adept at the mathematical problem solving and conceptual aspects of physics, and who are interested in careers in medicine, biology or biological physics, or medical physics. Premedical students interested in cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, and radiology should find the program particularly attractive. A B.S. degree in physics is good preparation for a career in medicine.

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Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in physics is an excellent option for students considering careers in widely varying areas including law, journalism, medicine, finance, teaching, and computational science. In these fields as well as in science a liberal education incorporating serious study of physics is a strong asset. 

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Bachelor of Arts in Biophysical Science

The B.A. in biophysical science is designed to serve students with strong interests in physical and mathematical aspects of the life sciences. The signature of the program is an exceptionally broad training in physics, biology, and chemistry. The major is well suited to students interested in graduate work in the health professions or in the biophysical sciences.

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Minor in Physics

A Minor in physics is an excellent way of satisfying your curiosity about science while you major in another field. It is a particular asset for students competing for admission to professional schools such as law or medicine, or for students contemplating careers that require some technical background, including teaching, technical writing, information science, management in technology-oriented companies, and journalism.

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