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Physics Clinic

Physics Help Center and Study Lounge

The Physics Clinic is a help center and study lounge located within the Physics Building. It is staffed by teaching assistants, and is available throughout the academic year. Undergraduate students are encouraged to use the Clinic for consultations on topics covered in Physics and Astronomy courses or just as a quiet space to work on assignments.

The Physics Clinic is located in Room 112 South within the Physics building. The schedule for the current semester can be viewed here:

Spring 2019 Physics Clinic Schedule 

Teaching Assistants Scheduling Exceptions

Because of emergencies and scheduling conflicts, we are unable to staff the clinic at all times. On such occasions, every effort will be made to post the change of schedule on this webpage, listed below:

**There will be no teaching assistants available during any of empty blocks in the schedule, or during the physics department colloqiua.

**The clinic will remain open throughout finals weeks, to the best of our ability. Please understand that our teaching assistants are graduate students who have their own final exams, grading, and proctoring responsibilities. We will do our best to post every hour that the clinic will be unstaffed in advance on the door to the clinic and on this webpage.