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Study Abroad for Physics Majors

Study abroad is a great opportunity for students, and can be combined with majoring in physics in several ways.

  1. The first option is the Discovery Program at Syracuse. With this program, you go abroad for your first, fall semester after enrolling at Syracuse. You spend the second, spring semester at the main campus in Syracuse. There are many SU sites abroad. At most sites you'll be taking liberal arts courses instead of the specific courses that are required for the B.A. or B.S. degrees. The site in Madrid, Spain does offer a calculus course, MAT 295, which satisfies a requirement for physics majors.
  2. A second option available to physics majors is the fall semester engineering program at the Strasbourg, France site. It is designed for students in their third semester, and is offered through the College of Engineering and Computer Science. This program assumes that a student will have taken MAT 295 in the first semester at Syracuse, and MAT 296 and PHY 211 in the second semester. The Strasbourg site offers two courses that are taken next by many physics and engineering majors: PHY 212 and MAT 397. There are also some other courses offered that are tailored more specifically for engineering students. These could be a good option for some physics students as well.
  3. With some careful planning, a third option is to go abroad for one of the semesters of your third year. You'd plan to take some more advanced courses that satisfy liberal arts core requirements. The specific advanced physics and math courses required for the B.A. or B.S. degrees will probably not be available abroad.

Your home college academic advisors are happy to help you develop a plan for your study which incorporates a semester abroad. To find the contact information for your specific advisors, review your “Success Network” page within Orange SUccess.

If you have declared a physics major, you should also discuss your plans for study abroad with your physics faculty advisor.