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Hello World, my name is Daniel Doro Ferrante and I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY), and a Visiting Scientist at Brown University (Providence, RI).

I work with mathematical and non-perturbative aspects of Quantum Field Theory, and their relations to symmetry breaking (local or global) and how the moduli space and its topology determine the quantization of the physical system at hand. I am also interested in topological quantization (which is related to the previous topic via Index Theorems); non-commutative and spectral geometry and their relation to deformation and geometric quantization; D-modules as Partition Functions; Higgs Bundles; Geometric Langlands Duality (and dualities in general: AdS/CFT, modular and mirror symmetry, etc); quantum fields in curved spaces; and so on — and their relations to Quantum Gravity.

My scientific articles can be found in the arXivs, or in SPIRES, and this is my Lattes CV.


If you want to contact me, please, use the following link: send a message.