"Geometrical Quantum Mechanics" [unpublished lecture notes]
by Robert Geroch (U. Chicago, 1974)
TeXed for posterity by a grad student from an nth-generation
photocopy of the original set of lecture notes. (Aug 1994)

My nth-generation copy of these pages had unreadable sections. So, these pages represent my attempt to reconstruct the content. I hope that I have maintained the style of the presentation and that I did not introduce any errors. (Please check!)

If you make revisions or corrections, please update the CURRENTVERSION tag and please share them with me.

(614kB)	geroch-gqm.pdf	(Acrobat PDF)

(251kB) geroch-gqm.tex (LaTeX2e source) ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-01.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-03.eps ( 35kB) geroch-gqm-05a1.eps ( 35kB) geroch-gqm-05a2.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-05b.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-05c.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-06.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-09.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-09b.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-11.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-10.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-14.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-15.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-20.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-23.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-24.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-25.eps ( 69kB) geroch-gqm-25b.eps

Rob Salgado
last updated Tue Jan 31 15:20:15 EST 2006

Thu, December 15, 2005 11:14 am

Hey Rob,

Here is the note from Bob.  When you are able to send an electronic  
version, I would be happy to post it.  There is no hurry for this
latest request though as I am sending the notes via snail mail.



Thanks for your message.  It certainly has been a long time!
I apologize for the delay in responding:  Not having a course
this quarter, I don't get in to collect my mail so often.

Please feel free to distribute in any way you wish with the
notes on Geometrical Quantum Mechanics.  In particular, open
distribution on the web is just fine.  I havn't any thoughts
of ever doing anything with them.  By the way, there also
exist notes on "quantum field theory" (broadly interpreted!),
which are, apparently, at


Perhaps our paths will cross again in the not too distant
future . . .

"Special Topics in Particle Physics" [unpublished lecture notes]
by Robert Geroch (U. Texas-Austin, 1971)
is available at http://home.uchicago.edu/~seifert/geroch.notes/.